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Registration & Login


Vessel Managers, click the blue “Create a Free Account” button on the top menu bar and follow the prompts.

Regulators, port authorities and marine title holders need to contact to arrange a demonstration, discuss your needs and have a free evaluation. For a quick tour of the portal please see our Videos and Guides.

If your Company is already registered with Vessel-Check, the UserAdmin(s) will get an email asking to approve your request for User registration. If you have any problems, please Contact Support.

Sign Up

Follow these steps to Sign Up and create an Account with Vessel Check.

Step 1: Enter profile details: First Name, Last Name and Email.


Step 2: Enter Company Details.


Step 3: Check all details are correct. Please tick the agreement to Terms of Use.


Step 4: Click Register.



Follow these steps to login to your account with Vessel Check.

Step 1: Please click Sign In from the Home Page Taskbar.


Step 2: Please enter Email and Password. Click Sign In.